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Timeless Tradition V3.0
Timeless Tradition V3.0
Timeless Tradition V3.0
Timeless Tradition V3.0
Timeless Tradition V3.0

Timeless Tradition V3.0

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This shape is the inspiration for Timeless Golf. Created and produced by a brilliant Norwegian back in 1966, this head shape was the first of its kind with an offset hosel and cavity back.

The most desirable examples of this head shape are from a famous club maker and generally not sold at retail. Examples that make it to the market sell for over $4,000. 

We are proud to offer our rendition of this timeless classic at our affordable price point. Ours is handmade in 303 Stainless Steel and milled and finished by hand in the USA.

Our V3 putters feature a refined head shape with a tapered plumber’s neck, thinner top line and shorter face. We have introduced our new Forward Roll Technology face milling that offers a soft feel and ensures your stroke starts the ball rolling smoothly toward the target.

Putters are in stock and will ship within 2 business days after receipt of order.

Lead time on Custom Orders is 2-4 weeks. Customs include stamping, engraving and special shaft or grip requests.

Standard Specs:

Length: 34"
Loft: 3-deg
Lie: 70-deg
Head Weight: 350g
Swing Weight: D-7
Material: 303 SS
Grip: Standard Size Ping Pingman
Manufacturing: 100% CNC Milled
Timeless Golf Head Cover Included
Finished and Assembled in USA
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